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Unikal™ 2.0 | Scissor

Unikal™ 2.0 | Scissor

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Increase your turnover with Unikal™ 2.0

With the Unikal™ 2.0 scissors, you can scale your business easily and quickly.

It's not just a high-quality tool; it's the concrete possibility of satisfying many more clients in the same amount of time and with less effort.

  • ALL-IN

    ✅ | First and foremost, you willalwayshaveone hand free, which is useful for applying clips, hairpins, or other products. With just one necessary tool, there is no risk of not finding the tools you need, and you'll haveonly one instrument to clean and disinfect.


    ✅ | The scissors are beingintroducedto themarketfor thefirst timetodayafter ten years of research and refinement. They have been globally patented and validated. They arehandmadeinItalythrough more than130 production stages, ensuring strength, quality, and durability.


    ✅ | Theergonomic handle, designed for thumb and ring finger, the convex edges, and the finger holes are all intended to provide the utmost comfort during use. The scissor body is designed to minimize noise,eliminating the sound of cutting



Why Unikal™ 2.0?

Unikal™ has more than ten years of history behind it. Initially, 1000 units of the first pair of scissors were distributed to hairdressers in affiliated salons. This test allowed us to gauge the market and understand the potential of our product and ways to improve it, as indicated by the professionals themselves. The Unikal™ 2.0 scissors are now being launched in their latest version: excellent, flawless, and unmatched; even more efficient, more functional, and more comfortable.

Is Unikal™ 2.0 right for you?

The Unikal™ 2.0 scissors are designed for professionals who want to increase their earnings. In fact, it allows them to serve numerous clients in much shorter times compared to what can be achieved with a traditional scissors. Satisfied customers will multiply, and so will the business revenue.

What will you receive with the Unikal™ KIT?

PURCHASING OUR SCISSORS, YOU WILL RECEIVE: A pair of 6.5-inch offset scissors with an ergonomic handle and lightweight design, engineered for maximum comfort and minimal effort during use.

The material, stainless steel, prevents the formation of stains or rust, ensuring high resistance even to minor damages and corrosion.

Two combs made of reinforced polyamide with fiberglass, a material known for its extreme durability, tenacity, and resistance to both high temperatures and prolonged pressure, almost impossible to deform.

The two combs come in different sizes and can be adjusted based on personal needs and preferences. Additionally, an essential tension regulator will be included. To better understand its functionality, please read the next response.

How does tension regulator works?

To adjust the tension of the scissors, first, clean and lubricate the central part carefully.

The adjustment takes place at the screw that holds the two halves of the scissors together. Having the correct tension is essential; otherwise, there is a risk of wearing out the tool or compromising its functionality.

A simple method to determine if the scissors have the right tension is to open them to their maximum width, then hold only the eyelet pointing downwards, causing the blades to tend to close on each other. If the tension is correct, the two blades should not completely close but leave a gap of a few centimeters.

If the blades end up completely closing, the tension is too low, and the scissors will not cut properly. Similarly, if the pressure is too high, the scissors will be equally difficult to use.

What are the shipping times?

Today, the Unikal™ 2.0 scissors are globally patented. These scissors are a new and unique invention, and we are the only ones capable of producing and selling them Unikal™ 2.0.

That's why we want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from such an advantageous tool by enabling worldwide shipping. The shipping is carried out through trusted companies DHL and Poste Italiane, and the price will vary depending on the destination country and any additional taxes required by the same.

Throughout Europe, shipping is guaranteed within 48 hours from the order placement. However, specific shipping times for other countries are as follows:

Europe: 2/3 days
England: 2/3 days
North America: 2/3 days
Japan: 2/3 days
Canada: 3/4 days
Australia: 4 days
Korea: 4 days
Russia: 4 days
Central America: 4/5 days
South America: 4/5 days
Australia: 4 days
Other countries: 4/5 days